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Updated: Oct 5, 2022

NO, this isn't the Jeffrey Dahmer's dinner menu. BUT, if he were an artist and not a deranged serial killer, it could be.


Have you ever felt so full of creativity, that it seemed like ideas were just swirling around inside that noggin of yours?


That's brain stew. Its ideas. Inspiration.

What do you do with that Brain Stew? You have to get that image out of your head and onto a canvas. Doesn't even matter what the canvas is. Could be an actual canvas, a computer screen, photo paper, or something else entirely.


My idea for this site (originally) was for a blog (written and video) to capture that creative process from start to finish.

In fact, that's how it was originally launched four years ago!

From conceptualization, to implementation, and all the way to the finished product. I would follow artists through their creative process and in turn, would share their work and their story, and together we'd inspire others.

What is it now?

Zombie American Gothic

While we haven't quite got the creator feature side set back up yet (it's coming soon!) we thought we'd start with some things that might get you inspired with some art of our own.

It's mostly AI-created or modified art using tools like MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, Photoshop, and more. If you like it, please consider buying something. There's all kinds of crazy stuff in there. Margins are tight, but It helps us maintain the site and give us the time and resources to seek out other creators and help everyone grow.

In The Works

A featured artist section

This is the first thing we want to bring back to life. This section would have it's own separate area with a written article about them and their creations, photos of their work, even a video component if time, money, and (did I say time?) allow.

Future Plans

Big Brain

Artist Marketplace

A place for creator to feature and sell their work or services.

Anyways, I love seeing the things that others create, especially when it's artisan work.

Ready to join us on this journey?

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