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Stephanie Schafer

There's always a time for being Art-Headed.

There no shortage of artists out there in the world by any means. Finding ones that are original in their work - or at least different in a way that makes you drop your jaw, is a different story.

That's my goal with this blogging adventure. I want to find those types of things that make us say, "What the [insert colorful 4-letter words here]."

The other day, I found that AMAZING something. I caught up with Stephanie Schafer of Salvador Designs in Lakewood, Washington and talked to her on camera about her one-of-a-kind art. She calls herself a conceptual artist and it is... well, conceptual and unique. Something I've never seen before...

Yes, she decorates heads. Styrofoam heads that are used for displays in boutiques and hat stores. It sounds weird but how she does it is pretty damn cool.

It all starts with an idea. Usually a frame of mind. She takes that idea or theme and builds a collage over these heads. For instance, the middle head in the picture above is one she calls the "Overthinker". It is covered in a series of different flesh-tones (clippings from magazines), and in the eye is a series of tiny gears. Mind blown. Or gears blown. Or... Yeah, you get it. Check it out the video below.

What do you think about Stephanie's work? Pretty rad, huh? Others have thought the same. During the last few months she received quite a few honorable mentions and awards from various art contests, and she's definitely motivated to keep going. If you want to check out her projects go to or find her on Facebook or Instagram.

If you got any suggestions for a future episode let me know!

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